Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 12: 30 Days - 30 Paintings - Sept. 2016

Google Earth - Shoreline 1

Having spent a good deal of time sailing the clear, turquoise waters off the Florida Keys and the Bahamian Islands, I became quite proficient at navigating shallow waters based largely upon the color of the water.  Avoiding shallow, jagged coral reefs is a really good idea for the boat's keel - not to mention the reef. :o)   I wanted to portray a coastline as may be seen via Google earth, including the subtle (and not-so-subtle) variation of the water color.

There will be a surprise tomorrow regarding this shoreline piece - be sure to check back to see what it is!

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Google Earth - Shoreline 1
6" x 8"
Acrylic Mixed-Media on Canvas Panel

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