Friday, December 12, 2014

More Inspiration from Kieran Foley

'Painting' with Fiber 

Once again Dublin fiber artist Kieran Foley demonstrates the beauty of fiber as 'paint'. The fibers he is using are plant dyed yarns including such colors as indigo, madder and weld (from Wild Mignonette - a  fragrant, mostly yellow, largely Victorian-era herbaceous plant).

Just as one might use paint on canvas, he employs his form of 'paint'/fibers to create intricate and rich designs that result in gorgeous pieces of wearable art. 

The progression of photos here present his palette and the evolution of his complex design using those colors.  

Once again, he inspires me in the continuation of the creative process.  

renaissance stripes 01

renaissance stripes 02

renaissance stripes 04

renaissance stripes 07

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