Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 24 - 30 Paintings - 30 Days, January, 2015

In the Beginning

Today's painting was re-purposed from the beginning of a painting that had been sitting around the studio awaiting a facelift.  I used watercolor ground, covering what I did not want and then painted on the new surface created by the ground.  The ground allowed for a nicely paintable substrate that now had texture while still allowing the paint to do its thing.

It was my first time trying the watercolor ground and I was impressed at its adaptability and usefulness.  I was grateful that I had it and was able to experience its ability to rescue a wayward painting.  Sometimes you just need to call in the rescue squad!  

7" X 9"
Purchase information

Includes all archival framing elements: white mat, mat board and clear bagShipping via Priority Mail within continental U.S.

Add your own 9" X 12" frame - and it's ready for your wall!

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