Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 4 - 30 Paintings - 30 Days - January, 2016

Trilobite Treasure

Today's piece is a multi-layered, heavily textured. mixed media, mono-print collage.  Lots happening through the layers. Click on the painting to see the details.
To purchase, go to my website: http://cagleyart.com/collections/83863
Trilobite Treasure
8" X 10"
Acrylic on paper and deep cradle pane

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and my website: http://cagleyart.com

Oops - correction - Mascot Mishap!
Yesterday in my Day 3 blogpost, I incorrectly described a photo from my night at the Cactus Bowl as being "Sparky, the ASU mascot".  Nope!  That was a photo of Spirit, the Fiesta Bowl mascot. 
My apologies to the AZ Bowl mascots - I sure don't want to offend them!  :o)

Here is another photo correctly identifying Spirit...
Spirit - Fiesta Bowl Mascot

And here is the Sparky, the Sun Devil...
Sparky, the ASU Sun Devil Mascot

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