Saturday, June 11, 2016

More Arizona Inspired Art Work

Sedona - Chapel of the Holy Cross

This commissioned piece held great heart-felt significance to the person who commissioned it. As the artist, I felt very strongly directed from an inner source with each brushstroke and choice of color.  It was a very beautiful and calming experience.  Artists often talk of 'being in the zone' while creating.  With this piece I was not only in the zone, but also felt as if I were lovingly inspired throughout.  It is what I refer to as the divinity of creation. 

View the painting here:
24" X 18"Acrylic on Canvas

The side view shows the deep cradled edges which were painted with a Venetian Red Gesso to visually reiterate the red of the rocks in the painting.  
View it here:

24" X 18"Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Arizona Inspired Artwork

Arizona Inspires (and Perspires)!

It might be the heat...it is only 117

I have a deep affiliation with the Arizona desert and landscape.  I am often inspired to paint it in its many forms.  I have decided to devote an entire  collection on my website to Arizona Inspired Artwork.  

This collection contains pieces done in various media - using watercolor, acrylics, ink and/or mixed media.  I will expand the series as the spirit of the sun inspires. The piece below is heavily textured and portrays the intensity of color and feeling evoked by the heat of the Arizona sun.  Let me know what you think.

Arizona Inspired Artwork

Canyon Lands
8" X  10"


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