Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 2 - 30 Paintings - 30 Days, September, 2015

Harlequin Series #2

Yesterday I posted the canvas counterpart of my two-fold mono-printing process.  As stated yesterday, the process includes both simultaneously printing on paper and on canvas - which ultimately leads to multiple, integrated creations using the same theme - with a different outcome.  This is how my Harlequin Series began.

Today I am posting the mono-print component printed on paper.  You will see some similarities - as well as differences when viewed together with the canvas below.

Framed Harlequin Mono-print on Paper
momo-print on paper
Harlequin Mono-print on Paper

Harlequin Mono-print and Paint on Canvas
as posted yesterday

During the process, many other prints are produced on various papers, card stock, deli papers, etc. which I can then use later in other multi-media creations.  I love the number of prints that are created using this process.  It is great fun, always unpredictable - yet very productive!

I will present other component pieces that I have recently created to further illustrate this somewhat unusual process that adapts well across many multi-media platforms.

It's all about the fun and diversity!

For pricing information please contact me at:  info@cagleyart.com
Thank you!

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