Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 10 - 30 Paintings - 30 Days, September, 2015

Autumn Flow Glowing

For much of the country, September is the harbinger of the Fall.  The nighttime temperatures begin to slide and the leaves begin to transition to the complementary colors of the green of the waning Summer.  

Today's painting is a mixed-media presentation using Daniel Smith Water Soluble Oils as a base on an Ampersand panel with the addition of paper, foil,  wrapped clay and other shiny things. It is a tribute to the warm glow of Autumn before it is extinguished by coming cold blasts of Winter.

Autumn Flow Glowing
5" X 7" Panel 

Water Soluble Oils 
For pricing information please contact me at:  info@cagleyart.com
Thank you!
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