Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 24: 30 Days - 30 Paintings - Sept. 2016


Once again I am painting on heavy-weight Indian Village rag watercolor paper.  It is an interesting surface on which to work and is quite different from most watercolor papers because it is largely un-sized and therefore acts more like a handmade paper.  I have never been fond of using it with watercolors due to its uneven absorbability - however - I do like using it with acrylic paints.  

I have experimented with the paper as a plain substrate and have also pre-primed the paper with gesso.  To my surprise, I actually prefer the un-primed paper to use with acrylics.   Due to the plasticity of acrylics, they do not tend to absorb deeply into the paper, but co-mingle nicely with the paper fibers.

With all of that said, I enjoyed the looseness of line and the dabs of color that evolved as the painting progressed.  Perhaps you may feel the same...


For further information:  https://cagleyart.com/workszoom/2174958

15" x 22"
Acrylics on paper
and visit my website:  http://cagleyart.com

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