Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 14: 30 Days - 30 Paintings - Sept. 2016

Google Earth Dual Diptych

Today the two individual coastline paintings have merged into a Dual Diptych.  The water presents its layers of depth while the coastline meanders in and out.    The Diptych can work in two ways - as an inlet and also as a jetty.  View both possibilities and let me know which diptych coastline you prefer...inlet or jetty...it's like getting four paintings in one!  


For Diptych purchase information:  https://cagleyart.com/workszoom/2167257

Inlet View:  
Google Earth Inlet Diptych
12" x 16"
Jetty View:
Google Earth Jetty Diptych
12" x 16"

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